Here are some of our favorite links to Great Dane or dog related sites that we enjoy or find informative. Check them out!
Amador Great Danes
American Kennel Club
Bloat Links (very good information here)
Camelot Farms
Canadian Kennel Club
Canadian Show Dogs
Dane World Magazine
Danemanian Danes (Finland)
Meine Dogge
Doglogic: Great Dane Resource Center
Drogheda Great Danes
Etosha Rescue and Adoption specializing in Rehoming Great Danes
Grand Electras Great Danes (Sweden)
Great Dane Club of America
Great Dane Club of Canada
Great Dane FAQ

Great Dane Lady (Linda Arnt, Blackwatch Great Danes)
Helisain Great Danes (Finland)
Kennedy Floorings (Manitoba Distributor of SOLID GOLD Products)
My Pets
NetVet Veterinary Resource
New Hope For Danes
No Puppy Mills Brochure (PDF download, requires Adobe Acrobat)
Raising Your Dog With The Monks of New Skete
Red Rublev Great Danes (Finland)
Sabra Danes
Solid Gold Dog Food & Health Products for Pets
Sunstrike Great Danes

The Great Dane Reporter

Wishmaster Great Danes