Eyes Cerf. Normal
Thyroid Normal
OFA GD7810E29-MP.I. Excellent
DNA Profile # V181033
Pure Color Bred



  Show Record Highlights:
  • Finished in Canada with a BB over Special & a Group 3rd
  • RWM to a 4 pt Major (Minneapolis, Aug 2001)
  • 1st Open Brindle & Best Stud Dog, (Kansas Specialty, Apr 2002)
  • Best Stud Dog, GDCC National Specialty, July 2002
   Physical Characteristics
  • 37", 170 lbs
  • Scissors bite with full dentition
  • Full black mask, dark eyes & excellent pigmentation
  • Gorgeous head and expression
  • Good bone, substance
  • Good depth of chest, good tuckup and angulation
  • Square dog with good length of leg
  • Long neck, clean throat
  • Tight feet and good pasterns
  • Excellent tail carriage
  • Excellent producer of quality get


Jamocha has proven himself to be an excellent stud dog and is gentle & easy to breed both naturally or via collection.

He is the sire of 8 Canadian and 2 US champions , and both Canadian and US BISS winners. Some of his get pictured on our website include

 - Am Ch BPIS BIS BISS Can Ch Striders Macho Uno
 - Can Ch Striders Canis Major
 - Can Ch Striders Mocha Cappucino
 - Can Ch Striders Silke-Fyne
 - BISS Am BISS BPIS Can Ch Striders Silken Fantasy
 - Can Ch Striders Orange Crush
 - Striders Silken Style (RWF GDCC National)



4 Generations that start with Jamocha!
From left: Jamocha, daugher Tasi (BISS Am BISS BPIS Can Ch Striders Silken Fantasy, grandson Trick (AM BPIS CAN CH STRIDERS TRICK DADDY), and grandaughters Kitty (Striders Miss Kitty Fantasico), and Akasha (Striders Dark Trick).